Governor Takes Scars Training Programme

News  |  October 19, 2017

The Governor urged everyone to help eliminate child sexual abuse by taking the training programme run by Saving Children and Revealing Secrets yesterday. John Rankin, who became certified on Tuesday, along with nine members of Government House staff, also commended the child sex abuse prevention charity for the work it does to protect children. Mr Rankin said: “I would encourage everyone, whet... Read more

Kayakers Raise $30,000 for Scars

News  |  October 5, 2017

Ten kayakers braved a 40-mile journey this weekend to raise almost $30,000 for child sex abuse prevention charity Saving Children and Revealing Secrets. Scars co-founder and executive director Debi Ray-Rivers said: “Scars truly appreciates all the hard work, valuable time and the campaigning for donations that the participants put towards our cause. “Scars’s vision is to have a community w... Read more

Video: Debi Ray-Rivers & Jon Brunson Interview

News  |  October 3, 2017

Debi Ray-Rivers and Jon Brunson from the Saving Children And Revealing Secrets [SCARS] charity sat down with Bernews today [Oct 3] for a live interview on our Facebook page, discussing the very important work they do to reduce child sexual abuse in the community. Bernews Podcast with SCARS 2 SCARS has a mission to “reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and to be an advocate and voice for child... Read more

Kayak Around Island for Scars Charity

News  |  September 13, 2017

Intrepid kayakers will take to the seas once more this month for a 40-mile journey around the island to raise funds for a good cause. Kayaking for Kids collected more than $36,000 for charity Saving Children and Revealing Secrets at their inaugural event last year and they hope to raise even more this time around. Event organiser and Scars co-founder Jerry Rivers said: “In spite of hurricanes ... Read more

In Motion Joins Fight Against Abuse

News  |  September 13, 2017

In Motion School of Dance has joined the fight against child sexual abuse. Now six staff members are trained in prevention and how to spot telltale signs of abuse through a programme run by charity Saving Children and Revealing Secrets. In Motion owner and director Lizz Pimentel said: “Many of us have seen the devastating affects sexual abuse can have on a person and how it can stay with them ... Read more

Praise Over Moves to Uncover Sex Offenders

News  |  September 11, 2017

A promise to release information on convicted sex offenders is being praised by one local organisation committed to safeguarding children. In the Throne Speech delivered on Friday, the Bermuda Government pledged to “selectively release” information to “members of the public” regarding persons who have been convicted of sexually related crimes. The issue was raised last November when form... Read more

Strategy to Combat Child Abuse

News  |  July 31, 2017

An attempt to cut the risk of sex abuse in a primary school has been launched by a child protection charity with backing from a risk management firm. Windows are to be installed in all doors at Pembroke’s Victor Scott Primary School so private meetings between pupils and staff can be seen at all times. The initiative is a collaboration between charity Saving Children and Revealing Secrets, ris... Read more

Survivor’s War on Abuse

News  |  July 24, 2017

Janice McLean fought through depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts after being abused as a child. It wasn’t until she attended a presentation by charity Saving Children and Revealing Secrets in 2012, that she opened up about what had happened and started to heal. Three years after taking the Darkness to Light Stewards of Children Training the preschool teacher became a facilitator, determine... Read more

The Time is Now to Act on Healing Scars of Sexual Abuse

News  |  April 21, 2017

The following is adapted from remarks prepared for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference held in London from December 12 to 16 Bermuda is an idyllic place of natural beauty and community connectedness. We abide by a deep sense of shared responsibility and belonging. Many of us have access to educational and economic opportunities that most in the world can only dream of. But Berm... Read more

Scars Training is World Leader

News  |  April 5, 2017

Bermuda is the first country in the world to have trained more than 10 per cent of its adult population on child sexual abuse prevention. According to Saving Children and Revealing Secrets, 5,344 adults have undergone training with the charity since it started offering its courses in May 2012. “Bermuda should be very proud because we are the first country in the world to have trained over 10 p... Read more

Scars to Take Training Expertise Overseas

News  |  January 18, 2017

In a first for the island, a team from the charity Scars Bermuda today heads overseas to deliver the group’s sexual abuse prevention training to another jurisdiction. Scars chairman Jon Brunson is to deliver the course with Debi Ray-Rivers, executive director, to 120 people selected by the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands. “It shows how we have changed the landscape in Bermuda — ... Read more

Wade-Miller Leads Parade in New Year Honours

News  |  January 2, 2017

Retired Puisne Judge Norma Wade-Miller has topped the list of 11 Bermudians to be recognised in the New Year’s Honours List. Mrs Justice Wade-Miller was appointed Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for her decades of service to the island’s legal community and the judiciary. The judge, who retired this year, was not only the first female Supreme Court justice in Bermud... Read more