Facilitators were highly efficient knowledgeable and were warm and receptive to all the attendees’ comments/questions. (SOC Aug 2022)

Any community member and especially parents can absolutely benefit from this knowledge. 3 hours went quickly and was absolutely not wasted! Cheers to your continued efforts. (Feb 2023)

This training should be mandated for all who are in contact with children - Teachers, Pastors, Healthcare workers etc. (Feb 2023)

My wife and I got Scars certified back in 2014 before we had kids. Now that we have a 4 and almost 7 year old, I think it's vitally important that anyone in the same position be Scars trained. I had to get recertified because of a youth sports organization where I volunteer, but the training really resonated with me as a parent. I am already approaching certain things differently. (Feb 2023)

This virtual session was not only informative but very educational. A country is only as strong as its children, and it shed light on how important it is to not just nurture but prepare for the unfortunate events of life. (Feb 2023)

Such a difficult and challenging subject handled so carefully and professionally. It is amazing what you are doing at SCARS, really changing things in an impactful way! Thank you! (Aug 2023)

“My Training was an excellent experience and provided a safe space for me to be in when I felt triggered.”

I am happy I understood the different form of abuse and also that speaking up for children and protecting them is my responsibility. (Aug 2023)

"Although this is my third certification training in SCARS, I thoroughly enjoyed the training and my flame has been relit.”

I'm happy I made the decision to be trained with SCARS. I am the father of a nine year old son and I function as a single parent, and I would do everything within my power to keep him safe. My biggest takeaway: the benefits children gain outweighs any risk I must take to protect them. (July 2023)

"I really loved this training and wish that it was mandatory for everyone on the island to bring awareness and a safer environment. Thank you Helen and Debi!!! I really appreciated today and the words you said resonated with me. Knowing that I am not alone meant a lot and I will remember this for a very long time."

"I am so thankful for this eye opening opportunity. This training is of utmost importance to create consciousness around our community to understand how child abuse can be so easily hidden without the proper understanding of how to identify the warning signs. This training needs to reach every parent and caregiver, SCARS is doing a phenomenal job. Thank you." (March 2022)

"This session was thoroughly worth the 3 hours. The virtual environment was so calm and organized. The facilitators were so professional. During the whole experience, I learned a lot. I appreciate the virtual training kit, so much information. I think the Scars Training is an excellent program and should be implemented world to all who will work or enteract with children." (March 2022)

Despite being 3 hours long, I felt that the content necessary to give deep understanding to participants and adequately prepare them for the protection of children was condensed excellently and discussed in a way that allowed the information to be concise and meaningful. well done and thank you! (July 2022)

Thank you for your valuable time and patience. While I have never experienced abuse of any kind. Attending this training for the second time makes me more aware of what is happening in Bermuda and I hope that I can help make a difference to protect children and vulnerable and potential victims. Thanks again. 🤗🌷🤗 (June 2022)