This SCARS training was really impactful and important. I have done several safeguarding courses over the years as a teacher in the UK but they were not nearly as well done and impactful. It was so important to learn about sexual abuse on its own rather than group all forms of abuse together as it allowed the depth and understanding to come from this. It was very well run and Debi and Helen were brilliant. Thank you very much (June 2022)

The stories told were real eye openers and it made me view a lot of my troubled students differently as far as their behaviour. I would like to better understand them and be more lenient with them just in case they are secretly hurting from trauma. (SOC Sept 2022)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I thought that the virtual training was much better as the screen and information was right in front of me as opposed to being on a screen further away from me.”

Brilliant course. Passionate facilitators and real life stories. (SOC Sept 2022)

“My Training was an excellent experience and provided a safe space for me to be in when I felt triggered.”

This three hour training course provided me with an understanding about child abuse and prevention that I previously did not have. It is a critical course that all adults should take and will benefit from and thus will help children. It was facilitated with expert knowledge, compassion and understanding. As a mother of two girls, age 6 and 9, I found it very difficult to hear the testimonials, but I am so grateful to all who shared their experiences in this training course, as they have given me the starting tools to look out for and care for my children and all other children. Thank you SCARS for the incredibly important work that you are doing. (SOC Aug 2022)

"Although this is my third certification training in SCARS, I thoroughly enjoyed the training and my flame has been relit.”

Facilitators were highly efficient knowledgeable and were warm and receptive to all the attendees’ comments/questions. (SOC Aug 2022)

"I really loved this training and wish that it was mandatory for everyone on the island to bring awareness and a safer environment. Thank you Helen and Debi!!! I really appreciated today and the words you said resonated with me. Knowing that I am not alone meant a lot and I will remember this for a very long time."

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity, as being a sexual assault victim I learned sooo much and now I can protect my kids more and teach them about how to look out for sexual rapist. I gained a lot of knowledge. I will be recertifying myself every 3 years. And ill like to know more about your program. Thank you so much." (May 2021)

"I feel strongly that this component is an effective tool for every child care provider on island at every capacity!" (May 2021)

"The training was delivered with passion, compassion, transparency, and understanding. The subject matter and the presentation style compelled continued engagement." (May 2021)

"Well done! May you educate more people not only here in the Island but also around the world." (June 2021)

"As someone who has an older sister who is a survivor of sexual abuse, this program is very close to my heart. The program was effective and to the point, I never felt confused or lost at any time about the information given. It kept my attention, and I was able to easily recall what I learned. I am so thankful for this opportunity to learn ways to help protect our kids. I hope that one day we can erase this issue and children will be able to grow up living healthy and happy lives. I highly recommend for everyone to take this course. We all have a role to play in protecting children." (2021)

"I am so thankful for this eye opening opportunity. This training is of utmost importance to create consciousness around our community to understand how child abuse can be so easily hidden without the proper understanding of how to identify the warning signs. This training needs to reach every parent and caregiver, SCARS is doing a phenomenal job. Thank you." (March 2022)