SCARS stands for Saving Children And Revealing Secrets.

SCARS was granted it’s charitable status by the Registrar General of Bermuda on October 27, 2011 – Registration #922.

SCARS is Bermuda’s only child sexual abuse prevention charity organization. It was formed to create greater awareness of the devastation that child sexual abuse can cause in the life of a child, a family and a community. SCARS offers, at no cost to the community, prevention training, awareness programs and informational resources for healing.

Child sexual abuse can have a catastrophic impact on a victim’s life. The real tragedy is that it robs children of their innocence and without proper support it could lead victims to suffer a wide range of psychological, physical and social problems in varying degrees.

As quoted by the Darkness to Light organization in the US, “Reported cases of Child Sexual Abuse represent the 2nd most expensive VICTIM crime behind murder – costing the US billions annually. If child sexual abuse left physical scars instead of emotional ones, people would be horrified.”

In Bermuda, statistics are difficult to obtain because most victims do not disclose or report their abuse, but WHAT we do know is that Child Sexual Abuse exists in our community and it is quite prevalent.

SCARS‘s mission is to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse by raising public awareness and speaking to key decision makers to put policies and procedures in place that best protect our children from the crime of Child Sexual Abuse. We do this through prevention and awareness programs, an adult training program, and we provide resources for healing such as psychiatric care, spiritual support and a list of agencies available to help.

Our intent is to ensure that our message is presented to all adults including Parent-Teacher Associations, Youth Serving Organizations, Sports Programs, Faith-Based Groups and all other organizations that are entrusted with children in our community.

The focus of our organization is to stop sexual abuse before it happens, to provide information on where to report sexual abuse and find resources for psychiatric care, spiritual support, and agencies that provide assistance if it does happen. Prevention is the key; by the time the police, government support agencies or therapists get involved, the molestation has already occurred and a scar has formed.

If SCARS can reduce the number of sexually molested children in our community, the result will be a reduction in drug abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancies, mental illness, self injurious behaviors, eating disorders, promiscuity, violence, and suicide.

The key to the success of SCARS is the passionate and committed Board Members, Officers, our hard working staff and our treasured volunteers.