SCARS’ Mission is to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and to be an advocate and voice for children who have been sexually molested as well as their affected family.

SCARS’ Aims to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse by raising public awareness, educating our adult population in prevention, and advocating to key decision-makers to put policies and procedures in place that best protect our children from the crime of child sexual abuse.

SCARS’ Intent is to provide information and prevention training to all adults working with children including schools, sports programs, visual arts, camps, clubs, faith-based groups, and all other organizations that are entrusted with children in our community.

SCARS’ Focus is to stop sexual abuse before it happens and to promote healing for survivors. Prevention is key because by the time the police, a government support agency, or a therapist gets involved, the molestation has already occurred which can cause an emotional scar.

SCARS’ Believes that if by reducing the number of sexually molested children in our community, there will be a reduction in drug abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancies, mental illness, self-injurious behaviors, eating disorders, promiscuity, violence, and suicide.

SCARS’ Vision is to have a community without child sexual abuse.  We are doing everything we can to educate adults and end the trauma, pain & shame associated with this issue.

A Message From Our Founder

The healing of my SCARS…

Childhood Sexual Abuse can be the deepest pain because it is inflicted early in our lives and because it involves people who should have been trustworthy.

God gives man & woman free choice, which ultimately impacts innocent children.

The perpetrators of our pain are usually the people who are supposed to love and care for us.

This pain can cause us to question our faith, it can cause us to blame ourselves, it can cause us to hate & abuse our body, it can cause us to mistrust people, it can cause us to hurt others, and it causes brokenness in our families.

This pain can grow into bitterness, hatred, guilt, shame, depression, rejection, abandonment, low self-esteem, anger, lack of trust, and insecurities of all kinds.

Emotional wounds from sexual abuse can cut deeper than any physical injury ever could. My childhood scars are hard to recognize because they affected the inside of my soul.

My SCARS of sexual abuse are mostly on the inside and these emotional wounds are slow to heal.  SCARS are left behind after sexual abuse.

What do we think sexual abuse does to children? Where do we think this pain goes?

Some SCARS are soothed or numbed through addictions.   Something we do to cope or alleviate the pain.  Something we run to when we are hurting or feel lonely.  Sometimes its the only thing we have control over.  

These addictions come in many varieties such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, self-harm, and yes, even approval. These walls of addiction help keep people and/or circumstances from hurting us. 

Sometimes our propensities have something to do with our unhealed childhood scars.  The scars of unworthiness, intimacy issues, and destructive relationships.

Sometimes we act out because of our own pain. “I can hurt me by hating you”. Sadly our addiction becomes our controller.

Revealing is the first part of healing our scar. The healing of my heart involved the healing of my pain.

I am happy to report that I have been healed from the pain of my past. My SCARS represent a battle, which I have fought and won.

What was meant to harm me became the purpose in my life.

My SCARS are now my message!

I wish each & every victim the healing of their childhood scar! 


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