A convicted sex offender was remanded yesterday after he was found guilty of making inappropriate comments to a schoolgirl.

Shuja Amon Muhammad, 48, was found guilty in Magistrates’ Court of intruding on the privacy of a 13-year-old girl in an incident on February 25 last year.

He was previously sentenced to spend ten years behind bars for sexual exploitation of a young girl in two incidents that took place in 2013.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo remanded Muhammad into custody until March 17, when he is set to be sentenced, and ordered a social inquiry report.

The child complainant alleged that on the day of the incident, she sat down on a bench outside a Sandys business when an adult man sat next to her.

She moved away from the man, sliding further down the bench, but said the man told her that she did not need to move and began to ask her questions.

When the victim stood to leave, she alleged that the man licked his lips and made a comment about her “sexy figure”.

During a police interview recorded days after the incident, the defendant said he had worked at the business and that people regularly used the bench outside.

He offered no comment on whether he had seen a schoolgirl on the bench that day or if he had spoken with any students outside of the business that day.

However, he denied making the alleged comments. He said: “I would never say that to a child.”

He later asked police if it was possible the girl was “mistaken or something”.

“I think it’s disturbing,” he said. “I wish her some peace from whatever it was. I’m pretty sure it was maybe a misunderstanding.”

Muhammad was previously found guilty of four counts of sexually exploiting another girl while in a position of trust following a Supreme Court trial.

Those offences reported took place in two incidents between August 1 and September 30, 2013.

The victim in that case, who was under the age of 10, said Muhammad had kissed, groped and exposed himself to her before saying: “Don’t tell nobody or I’m going to get locked up.”

The girl informed her mother that evening but her mother told the court that she had not initially reported the incident to police because she wanted to punish Muhammad herself and at one point had contemplated drowning him.

However, the court heard that weeks later Muhammad touched the girl again at his home, an incident which ended when he was interrupted by the victim’s brother.

Muhammad again denied the offences but was found guilty on all counts by a unanimous verdict in January, 2014.

Royal Gazette