I found the injection of Bermudian voices across several different realms a meaningful addition. Tailoring the training for Bermuda made all the difference. (BSOC June 2022)

Thank you for your continuous effort to protect our children. I like how you have continued to upgrade in the different phases presented. A lot has happened in developing SCARS training from the beginning. Congratulations. (BSOC June 2022)

I was very pleased to see that it was local professionals sharing their stories and points of view in this recertification training. This definitely helped to keep me more engaged. (June 2022)

The SCARS Beyond Stewards training was informative, relevant, and engaging. We are very appreciative of the time and energy that Debi & Helen invest in this important and necessary training and the impactful work they do in our community to make it a safer and healthier place for everyone, but most importantly our Island’s youth. There are several key takeaways that we learnt as a result of this meaningful training which we will action to enhance our safeguarding policies and our procedures. Thank you! (July 2022)

It was great to have a continuation with the retraining! The material and the facilitators are brilliant and so needed in every community! Thank you! (July 2022)

The case studies/simulations and discussion were extremely helpful in identifying options and minimizing opportunity. Especially when I wasn't sure what to do. I would suggest a short 2 minute break timer in the middle. Pacing was excellent, just needed a pause. (July 2022)

Recertification included sufficient information and reminds you of the factors to look out for and remain vigilant in protecting children. (July 2022)

Presentation was informative, well-paced, and interactive. (July 2022)

This was a great refresher! It allowed my mind to start ‘ticking’ and thinking about things within my classroom space and the importance of my students and their bodies. (July 2022)

I was unable to pick the date I completed training as it wasn't available. I completed it yesterday morning (Saturday, July 16, 2022). I I also really enjoyed the fact that the recertification now has videos that are relevant to Bermuda. I believe it makes it more personable and held my attention more. Thank you again for an informative and critical learning experience. (July 2022)

This has brought light to lots of examples to watch for. (July 2022)