Really valued the options for dates to choose from and level of organization offered. Thought Debi's incorporation of chat comments was great and allowed for a variety of perspectives (BSOC Sept 2022)

It was an excellent presentation. I was particularly encouraged that the training has been adjusted to represent Bermuda's population and inclusive of a wide section of organizations along with survivors. The Bermudian involvement makes it far more relevant and I applaud you for making it our concern as a country. (June 2023).

The videos were effective in providing different perspectives from various community advocates. (July 2023)

The training awakens my awareness on all the ways how to provide support for children. Also, it reminded me of how to implement policies about safeguarding children. It also reminded me of the red flags to look out for in various situations. (Jan 2023)

I am going to be honest I thought this might be just a repeat of the first training we did. I was mistaken. It was so well presented and I was captivated. Thank you to Debbie and Helen for making it a very worthwhile course. (Jan 2023)

Thank you for offering this recertification online with different date options. This made it easier to find a time that would work for my teaching schedule. (Feb 2023)

A great reminder to always reference policy to help us govern ourselves and help others. Great references to social media and it was great to see locally produced content. (BSOC Aug 2022)

This course was very informative and as a teacher, the topics discussed are areas I need to be aware of and will help me (and any child) in case I come across any suspected abuse. (BSOC Aug 2022)

Great refresher!! Continue to do the great advocacy work that you do. Much appreciated. (BSOC Aug 2022)

Thank you for this PD! The online version is great as it allows SCARS to continually share the valuable information within a professional format. Establishing your expectations prior to the Zoom Meeting was great as well! (BSOC Aug 2022)

I thoroughly enjoyed the refresher certification course. It was insightful, thought-provoking and a fantastic presentation. As a middle school teacher, it was very difficult to listen to some of the information because I did find myself having flashes of different students who had suffered abuse. It also caused me to reflect on my own children and were they always protected and in safe environments. I was very surprised on how heavy I actually felt after the presentation. I think as an educator/teacher you can experience some sense of trauma or trauma from the experiences of your past students who suffered abuse. Fantastic presentation - thank you! (BSOC Aug 2022)

Strongly recommend this training and retraining for those entrusted with other peoples children. Retraining reviews are very important. (BSOC Aug 2022)

As I sat and listened, I was soberly reminded of the situations and things that we innocently and trustingly did as children and as parents. Mercy.... Continue on your quest to educating adults and future parents to save our children from this awful trauma. (BSOC Sept 2022)

I found the injection of Bermudian voices across several different realms a meaningful addition. Tailoring the training for Bermuda made all the difference. (BSOC June 2022)

I particularly enjoyed the local component to the training this time and it made the presentation more relatable to Bermuda. (BSOC Sept 2022)