A sex offender who preyed on two sisters aged 5 and 11 has been jailed for 18 years for his “predatory depravity”.

At his trial in May, John Dexter Seaman was found guilty of eight counts, including charges of unlawful carnal knowledge and sexual exploitation.

At a sentencing hearing yesterday, Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe handed Seaman the maximum sentence and said that he needed to be treated “as harsh as the facts and the law of this case will permit”.

At his trial, a jury heard how Seaman had taken advantage of the victims’ absentee parents to “use them as he liked”.

Describing Seaman’s crimes as “horrendous”, Mr Justice Wolffe said: “Surely the family of Victim A and Victim B would not have ever contemplated or feared that someone whom they so generously welcomed into their home and assisted, would, over a significant period of time and with predatory depravity, victimise the most vulnerable members of their household — a five-year-old and an 11-year-old.

“He abused the trust that they placed in him in the most morally wicked and monstrous way.

“In doing so, he violently stamped on just about every value and idea of decency held by our community.”

Mr Justice Wolffe spoke of the suffering that victims of sexual abuse had to live with, arguing that in some ways sexual offences were “more reprehensible” than murder.

He said:“Sexual offence victims will most likely carry the wounds and scars of what happened to them for the rest of their lives. In many instances those wounds never heal and are often manifested through the victims engaging in self-destructive and highly risky behaviour.

“For many child and adult victims of sexual abuse, what they went through and may still be going through is a fate worse than death and no conviction or sentence of their perpetrator may ever completely provide them with solace, comfort or closure.”

Five other paedophiles have received jail sentences this year after being convicted of a string of sex offences.

Ismaila Darrell was sentenced to two years behind bars in January after being found guilty of sexually exploiting a young boy in 2021.

Shuja Amon Muhammad was remanded in January after he was found guilty of making inappropriate comments to a schoolgirl. He was previously sentenced to spend ten years behind bars for sexual exploitation of a young girl in two incidents that took place in 2013.

In April, Locksley Cummings was jailed for 35 years after committed a series of sex acts on two young sisters.

Maleke Martin was jailed for 16 years in April after being found guilty of two counts of exploitation of a minor while in a position of trust.

Jahsyi Smith-Wilkinson was given a 15-month jail term in November after pleading guilty to having sex with a minor.

Seaman, 59, showed no emotion as the sentence was read out.

Mr Justice Wolffe expressed concern that there was no evidence to show that sexual offences were becoming less frequent. He listed four high-profile cases this year alone in which offenders were jailed for lengthy jail terms and suggested that this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

He said: “The courts and society are only aware of these matters because the complainants were brave and courageous enough to report the offences to police and then, in some of the cases, admirably take the stand at trial and relive their traumatic experience.

“I shudder at the thought of what could be the overwhelming number of unknown victims who, for some justifiable reason, have chosen not to report incidents of sexual illegality, which have been perpetrated upon them by persons as dastard as the defendant in this matter.”

Stating that the community needed to be protected from Seaman — who has a number of convictions dating back to 1982 — Mr Justice Wolffe added: “A crystal-clear message needs to be sent to him and others who even think about committing such offences that they should expect to receive little leniency when convicted and then sentenced.”

Seaman was given two 18-year person terms for two counts of unlawful carnal knowledge, two 13-year prison terms for two counts of attempted unlawful carnal knowledge, 15 years for a count of sexual exploitation while in a position of trust and three terms of 13 years for three counts of sexual exploitation.

The sentences are to run concurrently, and Mr Justice Wolfe ordered that Seaman serve at least ten years before he is considered eligible for release.

He also ordered that Seaman’s name be entered into the Sex Offender Register.

Royal Gazette