Donate by Credit or Debit Card
By cheque:
Made payable to SCARS & mail to: P.O. Box HM 3003, Hamilton HMMX


Direct Deposit by HSBC e-banking

011-054541-001 (BMD)

011-054541-511 (USD)

011-054541-512 (GBP)

011-054541-513 (CAD)

BMD Wire Payment
Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermuda Swift Code: BBDA BMHM
Beneficiary Account #: 011-054541-001
Beneficiary Name: SCARS


Once you’ve made a donation, please let us know by sending us
an email
so we can send you a receipt and a thank you.

Thank you for helping SCARS protect the innocence of children!