A wanted sex offender from Bermuda, who was tracked down by police to a hostel in Liverpool, is the subject of a television show in Britain.

Malik Zuill, 22, from Warwick, was working as a cleaner when British police caught him and extradited him to the island to face accusations that he groomed and sexually assaulted an underage girl in 2015.

Zuill later admitted in Magistrates’ Court charges of sexual assault against a girl under 16 and communicating with her via a mobile phone for the purpose of committing a sex act. He was jailed for five months in July.

The BBC One programme Fugitives, which follows the work of the Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit, showed how the city centre hostel’s manager helped officers to locate and identify Zuill in June 2018, five months after he had missed a scheduled appearance over the matter in Magistrates’ Court.

The episode, which was broadcast two months ago and will be repeated next month, showed Detective Sergeant Dean Coyle explaining officers needed to catch “high-risk target” Zuill, who is “wanted in Bermuda for a sexual assault and grooming of a 13-year-old female victim”.

Mr Coyle said: “He’s a Bermudian national, but he left the island before they were able to locate and arrest him over there.”

The detectives then visited the home where they believed Zuill lived, but could not find him, before they discovered he was actually working at the hostel.

Mr Coyle was then filmed speaking to Zuill inside the hostel.

He said: “Hello, son, can you confirm your name for me, please?” Zuill replied: “Malik Zuill.”

Mr Coyle said: “It’s you we need to speak to, and it’s in relation to an extradition request that’s been sent from Bermuda to the UK in relation to an allegation.” Zuill replied: “Really?”

Mr Coyle explained that a warrant had been made in London for Zuill’s arrest, before putting him in handcuffs.

Zuill said: “And my job … you just can’t walk me to the car, and my job. Don’t harass me in front my job, that’s all I’m saying.”

Mr Coyle later said: “He’s very surprised to be arrested. I get the impression he didn’t think that this was gonna come back to haunt him several years later.”

The scene concluded with a commentator stating: “For the young man accused of sexual assault back home in Bermuda, the journey to face justice starts with a long drive to London.”

Zuill was extradited to Bermuda on April 24, and was due to stand trial on July 1. He then entered guilty pleas, and was jailed for five months, to include time already served in custody.

• A clip for the Fugitives episode can be found at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07g44k8

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