“If child sexual abuse left physical scars instead of emotional ones, people would be horrified”- Darkness to Light 

Darkness to Light Stewards of Children Training


Whether you’re a parent, a family member, a youth serving organization, a teacher, a coach, a member of a church, or a babysitter it’s important to know how to protect the children in your life from sexual abuse.

Learn the facts, minimize the opportunity, talk about it, recognize the signs and react responsibly are important steps in protecting the children who are entrusted in your care.

Due to the continuous generosity of our corporate & community donors, this training is offered at no cost to participants. Donations are always welcomed!

Stewards of Children is an award winning prevention training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for organizations that serve youth, entrusted with the care of children, and for individuals concerned about the safety of children. It is the only nationally distributed, evidence informed program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes, and change child protective behaviors.

Some of the outcomes of the program are as follows:

·  Increased awareness of the prevalence, consequences, and circumstances of child sexual abuse

·  New skills for adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse

·  Positive change to organizational policies and procedures

·  Individual commitment to action through a personal prevention plan


” Just because someone is ‘SCARS Certified’ it doesn’t mean that we let our guard down!  Perpetrators too can become trained, they are difficult to identify!  They don’t wear a sign on their forehead that says “I have sexual thoughts of children.”  We must continue to monitor and do everything we can to minimize the risk. Remember that many steps are important, prevention training, background checks, reference checks, code of conducts, and monitoring isolated one child one adult situations.”



 SCARS can bring the ‘Stewards of Children’ Training to your organization or home with a minimum of 5 participants.

If you would like to arrange a training for a group or organization please download and email completed SOC Registration form below to training@scars.bm


 Monthly community training sessions are held on a Saturday morning from 9:00am – 12:00pm:




The Argus Building,
14 Wesley Street, Hamilton






To register for one of the following 2020 training’s CLICK HERE

Registration deadline closes 5 days before each training date: 


                       April 18th – CANCELLED

                       May 16th – FULL CLASS

                       June 20th – FULL CLASS

July 11th

August 15th

September 19th

October 17th

November 14th

December 5th


(Spaces are limited and fill up very quickly – You will NOT be registered until this form has been submitted and you have received a confirmation email)

Participants must attend the entire 3 hour class to receive credit.
No late arrivals please. IF YOU ARRIVE LATE, once the first video is playing, you will not receive credit for the session and must register for another session.

Childcare is NOT provided.






We strongly recommend to organizations that participants become re-certified every 3 years.

Unscientifically, we have researched other programs and have found that 3 years is a common time frame at which renewal of this information is advisable.

We also like to encourage an ongoing dialogue on the topic.  Darkness to Light have additional training modules that build on the skills taught with Stewards of Children.  These are shorter trainings that can be used in between the 3 years.  Please find these modules on their website d2l.org.

It really does depend on the organization you work with and the choices they make in implementing a policy that requires their staff and volunteers to be re-certified every 3 years.





Testimonials from people who have taken the training :

“This topic has always been taboo; it is excellent that this is now being discussed in the forefront.  There are numerous victims and we need to prevent this from continuing.”


“As a victim myself, it has shown me things about myself that I didn’t realize played into my adulthood. The training has awakened my drive to help advocate for SCARS.”


“This was a refresher for me, but it was still very interesting and highlighted things I had forgotten.  The trainer was excellent!”


“Amazing session! I learned so much. Thank you for being so open and honest. The videos were great.”


“Being a father wanted me to protect my kids by any means possible SCARS showed me how I can do it properly and safely.  Thank you.  This helped a lot.”


“Powerful and Important Training.  I want to take SCARS to Canada.”


“Encouraged me not to be embarrassed to speak out or intervene with any suspicious or uncomfortable behavior.  Increased my awareness of the environment children are put in by myself or around me.”


“I enjoyed all of the important information of “SCARS” Good to know it’s good to talk early about it. Learning about boundaries and knowing that it is more likely to be someone that you know & trust.”


“One-word WOW! It opened my eyes about abuse.  I learned a lot and will utilize the information learned.”


“Excellent Program! It really helped me to have a clearer understanding and to change my mind about becoming more involved in participating in the solution.”


“Excellent Training!  Best and informative training that I’ve completed in a long time!  This training should be mandatory for lots of organizations re: children and adults.  You did great presenting Glenda!!”


“Well done!! Marvelous organization and much needed in Bermuda and Beyond.”


“I applaud the work you do and feel it is an invaluable service that you provide to the community.  I’d love to become more involved with your organization to help spread the message.  We need to protect our children.  We need to be their voice and empower them to speak.”


“The instructor delivered selflessly. I admire her courage to allow her pain to be the hope, healing purpose to support and empower others impacted are affected to have a voice AGAIN!!!  I have been in trainings prior to “Darkness to light training”, Hands down this has been the best!”


“Excellent!!  Never give an opportunity to injustice if it is in your power to stop it.  Continue to ask open ended questions.”


“This is my second time doing this.  I have implemented several techniques with my children and have learned new techniques to apply going forward.”


“Encouraged me not to be embarrassed to speak out or intervene with any suspicious or uncomfortable behavior.  Increased my awareness of the environment children are put in by myself or around me.”


“This training opened up my eyes to the seriousness of child sexual abuse.  Although I know it is bad, this presentation let me know that there are things that I can do to prevent it”.


“The session was very challenging as a survivor of myself, but it helped me a lot to prepare my own two daughters if a situation is to occur and how to go about it.” 


“As a mother of 4 children I decided it would be important to take the SCARS training.  I wanted to know how to protect my children and to be better informed. I did not realize what an enormous impact it would have on my understanding and the priceless tools it would provide.  After taking the training it removed the awkwardness of discussing sex and sexual abuse with my children and others.  It opened my eyes to see the need to put protection in place in my home, when my kids would go on sleepovers, sporting activities etc.  It empowered me with insight on what to look for in kids’ programs and situations to avoid.  It even helped me know how to react, speak words of comfort and where to direct several adults who have since shared their childhood sexual abuse with me personally.  I am so thankful that I took the training and would encourage anyone to do so!  It changes your entire perspective on childhood sexual abuse and gives you the tools to become part of the solution in preventing it.” Karla Brookes 


“My staff were engaged and totally absorbed into the presentation; and all walked away feeling better informed and empowered, ready to advocate for the children.” – Cindy Weeks, Principal, Harrington Sound Primary School  


“Today’s session was absolutely excellent.  I came away with so much more understanding and knowledge.  I hope to share this message with other parents and educators. I would like to register my husband for the next session. Thank you so much.”


   “Many Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the training session on Saturday. I was truly enlightened and sometimes overwhelmed with the information that was presented; sitting here with tears in my eyes. I feel more equipped in how I can deal with a situation and will do my part to protect the children in my life.”


 `“I found the SCARS ‘Darkness to Light’ training to be incredibly informative.  It not only educates on how to put preventative measures in place to protect our children, but also how to talk to young children about their bodies, sex and how to keep themselves safe.  I wish I had this training when my children were young.  It is an incredibly worthwhile investment of time.”


“Thank you.  I really enjoyed the training and as an educator I learned more to help in my field.”  


 “Thank you so much for a much needed  informative and practical. It is long overdue and I have waited for a presentation like this to take place in our churches for over 20 years – my family are survivors.”  


“Parents and Volunteers are guided to be alert to the indicators of abuse (sexual, physical, psychological/mental and neglect). Our volunteers are expected to Teach, Promote and model Respect and Anti-violence behaviours at all times while with their Little.  In conjunction, our dedicated Case Managers supervise each match by checking in with Bigs, Parents and the Littles to ensure the safety of each child.  We became SCARS certified on March 20, 2013 and are actively incorporating SCARS training into our programme.” – Lydia Rawlins, Big Brothers Big Sisters Bermuda.


“On behalf of St. John Ambulance we wish to Thank You for a very empowering lecture and presentation. I believe that everyone who attended left with a positive message and awareness that they did not have before this presentation. The message we all got was that one can make it a better world for our precious children. Again we thank you for your continued dedication and love for the cause, which we all support.” – Veronica DeSilva, St. Johns Ambulance.


“I am so thankful that I attended the training offered by SCARS. It has made me more aware of what I see and sometimes overlook as an educator. I would endorse that every person employed by the Ministry of Education be enrolled in this training in order to heighten awareness and signs of abuse.”


“Thank you for providing the amazing training. I really appreciate you offering an experience that can make such a difference to so many! It was very beneficial exposure to such a distressing topic. I certainly expanded my understanding of the issue and felt empowered to be aware of what I can do to decrease risks.” – Helen Orchard, Bermuda National Gallery


 “This is an eye-opening experience and highlights the notion that we must always be aware, of not only our surrounding and of course our co-workers, but most importantly, our children. I am grateful for your work and dedication to this cause.”


“This session was truly life changing and opened my eyes to see all the things that are going on around us with our children.  I feel way more prepared to teach my own children all about their body parts and how they can protect themselves.”


“From my experience in Toronto, we go through certification; However, I receive the impression that it is not for the greater good of the children, but almost as if they are trying to prevent law suits from occurring and protecting the identity of the organizations.  From my honest opinion i have never felt as connected to the cause of child safety as i have with SCARS.”