“Take a minute and imagine what it would feel like if you were a young child being sexually violated by an older more powerful individual. Imagine you are a young child and one of your parents, step-parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, teacher, babysitter, Sunday school teacher, family friend, or sports coach starts touching your private parts” – Imagine how a child would feel?

If we can’t rely on grown ups to do the right thing …..what is life all about?




YOU MAY FEEL CONFUSED: “Why is he/she doing this? I don’t understand, this grown up should be protecting me, caring for me, loving me! Is there something bad in me that is making them do this?”


YOU MAY FEEL SCARED:“They are going to hurt me, I want this to stop.  I don’t want to do this, it doesn’t feel right.  What if someone finds out?  You should be loving me, not hurting me!”


YOU MAY FEEL GUILTY:“Why me?  What did i do to deserve this?  Why are they saying its my fault?”


YOU MAY FEEL SHAMEFUL:“This doesn’t feel right, I feel embarrassed and ashamed, sometimes it feels good and I know its wrong.  Why didn’t I tell?”


YOU MAY FEEL SAD:“This wont stop I feel hopeless, I told and they don’t believe me or ……..I TOLD AND THIS PERSON IS STILL IN OUR LIFE HURTING ME!”


YOU MAY FEEL ANGRY:“How dare you do this, you’re a fake, liar, imposter, I hate you, I hate my life, I don’t care about anything or anyone. Why doesn’t anyone see what is happening to me?  You didn’t protect me, I Give Up!  We’re related and you should not be doing this to me!” “Why are you asking me what’s wrong with me instead of what happened to me?”