Stormy seas delayed their Saturday start, but a kayak team on a mission for charity yesterday took to the waves — and should be still out there, circling the island.

The group, Kayak for Kids, had raised $22,000 even before they got their feet wet.

Their cause is the group Saving Children and Revealing Secrets, the children’s sexual abuse charity that has so far trained nearly 5,000 adults in their sexual abuse awareness programme.

“It a beautiful day for it,” said an elated Debi Ray-Rivers, the group’s founder and executive director, as the team set back out after a Cambridge Beaches lunch break.

They headed off at 7am from Flatts, aiming to swing around Dockyard for a stop at Elbow Beach by evening, before resuming early today to kayak down the South Shore around St David’s and back to Flatts: two treks of 20 miles each, with their progress being tracked online.

Ms Ray-Rivers thanked not only the team, but their generous sponsors supporting, offering free awareness workshops to every adult on the island. Five per cent of the adult population was the charity’s tipping point; so far, 4,318 have been trained — almost double that goal.

To donate, go to, or see the Scars Kayaking for Kids Facebook page.

The team consists of Mike Harden, who started the idea, with Simon Arnott, John Bonvetti, Jerry Rivers, Greg Fitzgerald, Christopher McDowell, Chris Conway, and lone female member Laura Brown — as well as Ms Brown’s father, David Brown, who is following throughout on a rescue boat, Sashimi.

By Jonathan Bell The Royal Gazette