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adsafDr Renee Simons certified1Small

Dr. Renee Simons is a Post Doctoral Psychology Fellow, working within the Association of Diagnostic and Psychological Services (ADPS). She received both her Masters and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Simons obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Child and Family relations from the University of Guelph, in Ontario Canada.

Prior to joining ADPS, Dr. Simons completed her Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute working with a diverse range of both adult and child clients. Prior to returning to the island, Dr. Simons gained a great deal of experience in the United States. She has had experience working with maltreated youth, in a residential treatment facility. She received specialized training in Applied Behavior Analysis to treat children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Additionally, Dr. Simons has worked with children and adolescents who have severe emotional and behavioral difficulties, within a therapeutic school setting.

In the past, Dr. Simons was employed as a Clinical Assistant at Child and Adolescent Services (CAS), in Bermuda. While at CAS, Dr. Simons was afforded the opportunity to work with a variety of families and client populations. She has also completed various summer internships within the Bermuda Hospitals Board, where she provided short-term psychotherapy to adults in both an acute care clinic and a substance abuse treatment center, co-facilitated psychotherapy groups and completed a full range of psychological testing.

Dr. Simons takes a stance of assimilative integration in her work with clients. This approach consists of utilizing one theoretical orientation while being open to integrate interventions from other orientations. Typically, Dr. Simons conceptualizes cases through the use of a cognitive-behavioral framework. She also incorporates person-centered, behavioral, play therapy, and family systems techniques. Dr. Simons favors cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) because of its demonstrated effectiveness with many issues including social skills deficits, trauma, internalizing and externalizing disorders as well as its proven utility in work with families.

Dr. Simons can be contacted at: drreneesimons@logic.bm


The Coalition for the Protection of Children

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kelly Hunt Kelly Lynn Hunt certified1Small

Kelly Lynn Hunt is the Director of Special Projects at the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

Kelly attended The University of South Carolina where she studied Psychology and Fine Arts. After two years at U.S.C, Kelly seized the opportunity to live and study in an exchange program at the University of Costa Rica and then the University of Venezuela where she completed her undergraduate degree while assisting in the development of 2 local orphanages. She is a certified Substance Abuse Counselor (McMaster University) and has a Graduate Diploma in Complex Trauma and Child Sexual Abuse Intervention from the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC), School of Counseling.

Kelly looks to take an integrative approach to the assessment and treatment of complex trauma, PTSD and child sexual abuse, drawing on the most current clinical and evidence-based material on effective complex trauma intervention, as well as the most recent research on attachment, neurobiology, memory and dissociation.



Cheryl Hastings certified1Small

Cheryl Hastings is a fully Accredited Play Therapist (PTUK/PTI) and received her Masters Degree in Practise-based Play Therapy from Christ Church Canterbury University (UK). Cheryl also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching Art and Design in addition to a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Sociology and Art. Before training to become a play therapist she worked as an art teacher.

Cheryl has worked in schools for children with learning disabilities as well as mainstream schools with children who presented emotional and behavioural difficulties, both in the UK and in Botswana. Through her clinical practice Cheryl has worked with children from diverse backgrounds with complex emotional needs. She has extensive involvement working with children who have experienced abuse, neglect, trauma and loss.

Cheryl uses therapeutic play to empower children with better social integration; personal growth and development; emotional modulation and trauma resolution.

Her play therapy helps children understand and process their feelings and past experiences.

Cheryl uses a non-directive and child-lead process, allowing each child to explore their feelings in a safe space, in their own way, at their own pace.

Art materials, musical instruments, puppets, dressing up items, sand trays and oodles of toys are available to encourage every child to develop a stronger understanding of self. Play therapy offers containment for each child’s intense emotional needs and concerns whilst building self-esteem.

Cheryl is the founder of Creative Rumpus and can now provide creative play therapy as part of Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation. Play therapy can be offered in her welcoming private practise play room, at Kaleidoscope premises or in the child’s school.

Further information can be found at www.CreativeRumpus.com

Cheryl can be contacted at: Cheryl@CreativeRumpus.com

Or please contact Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation for further details: info@kaf.bm Email or telephone 542-9000




Falconer House
108 Pitts Bay Road,
Pembroke HM 08
Telephone: +1 441 292 3456
E-mail: info@solstice.bm
Website: www.solstice.bm


solsticeSolstice certified1Small

Solstice is a holistic wellness centre nestled in the heart of Hamilton. We offer comprehensive psychological assessment and a range of evidenced-based therapies and interventions to children, adolescents, adults and families.

Solstice utilizes an integrative clinical practice model. Our team of experienced masters and doctoral-level clinicians are trained in a broad range of therapeutic approaches and will tailor interventions to our clients unique needs and circumstances, often integrating techniques from different therapies to achieve the optimum results.

All clients benefit from a highly collaborative clinical environment where therapists meet regularly to share clinical knowledge and develop effective interventions. Our clinicians work under the strict ethical and professional guidelines laid out by their respective professional registration bodies.

Services offered:
We advocate a holistic approach to wellbeing. Following a comprehensive intake assessment clients will be offered a package of care specifically tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. In addition to our in-house clinical team Solstice has an established network of handpicked clinical providers in the community whose expertise we incorporate into care packages, ensuring that our clients get the best wraparound services available in Bermuda.

Therapies and Interventions available through Solstice:
The approaches offered include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT); Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR); Neuro-Linguistic Processing (NLP); Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy; Family Systems Therapy; Narrative Therapy; Play Therapy; Equine Therapy; Lego Therapy; Person-Centred Therapy; Interpersonal Therapy; Therapeutic Yoga; Mindfulness Meditation; Art Therapy and Expressive Art Therapies; Reiki; Clinical Dietician Services; Speech and Language Therapy; Occupational Therapy; and Therapeutic Massage.

Services are provided in accordance with our professional and ethical guidelines. Solstice is sensitive to gender, sexuality, and cultural and religious diversity.

 Services are not provided which lie outside our competencies. This means that you can be sure we are trained and experienced to deliver the services provided.