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Dr. Darrien S. Ray

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Dr. Darrien S. Ray is registered as a clinical psychologist in Bermuda. Prior to joining ADPS he worked in Fort Wayne, Indiana as a licensed psychologist in a community mental health setting. Dr. Ray comes to the island with a broad level of experience in individual, group, and family therapy settings. He employs a client-centred, interpersonal approach that emphasizes building self-esteem, enhancing relational skills, and promoting a balanced, positive lifestyle.

Dr. Ray works with children and adolescents who may struggle with behavioural or emotional problems. He has experience helping families with relational problems and works with parents and children to establish a healthy, positive environment. Dr. Ray works with trauma victims (both adult and children), and has specialized training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children.  He sees adult populations who may have depression or anxiety, or who may have problems with anger management. Dr. Ray also sees individuals with personality disorders who may struggle in their home, social, or work environment.

Dr. Ray received his Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology in Tampa, Florida from the American School of Professional Psychology, which is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). During his graduate studies, he worked as an intern in a variety of settings including two private practices that specialized in families and children. Dr. Ray was also a therapist at an emotional behavioural disorder (EBD) school, which is a specialized school for children who struggle with intense behaviour or emotional problems.