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Tiffanne K. Thomas, MSW 

Tiffanne Thomas holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  Mrs. Thomas completed her graduate studies at Fordham University where she studied Clinical Social Work with a concentration in Evidenced-Based Practices in Mental Health, specializing in the dually-diagnosed population.  Mrs. Thomas is currently a doctoral candidate, studying Organizational Leadership; her research interests include ethics, employee perceptions of leader behaviors, and organizational culture.

Mrs. Thomas has developed an extensive background in the human services field working both in Bermuda and other jurisdictions. Mrs. Thomas has worked for non-profit organizations, government departments, schools, and psychiatric hospitals.  Mrs. Thomas has experience working with children, adults, and families meeting needs including but not limited to substance abuse, offending behaviors, mental health, career planning, grief, divorce and separation.

Mrs. Thomas is the Director of Therapeutic Consulting Services where her team provides individual, family, and small group therapy.  In 2014, Mrs. Thomas became the first Bermudian properly appointed as an independent advocate for children, operating in the capacity of Litigation Guardian both in the Family and Supreme Courts of Bermuda.  To date, Therapeutic Consulting Services remains to be the only local organization properly appointed in this capacity.

Mrs. Thomas has a keen interest in supporting people with reaching their optimal level of functioning, whilst building on the individual’s strengths.  Likewise Mrs. Thomas is passionate about ensuring that all those who work within human services operate ethically, and to that end she strives to foster continued accountability within existing systems whilst ensuring that the rights of vulnerable populations are protected.