Child Sexual Abuse is ILLEGAL. 
Failure to report Child Sexual Abuse is ALSO ILLEGAL!
No one is above the law.

To make a report of child sexual abuse call The Department of Child & Family Services Kids Hotline at 278-9111 and after-hours call 295-0011. You can also call the Bermuda Police Service directly (211, 800-8477, or 295-0011) because sexually abusing a child is against the law.

SCARS feels that reporting child sexual abuse is not only a legal requirement but also a moral responsibility. 

Children are innocent and we, as adults, have a responsibility to protect them.

If a case of sexual abuse is not reported then that offender has the freedom to continue to abuse that child and possibly others. This means more lives will be negatively affected and more innocence will be stolen.

If you know of a child who has been sexually abused and you do not report it, you are protecting the offender and putting other children in danger. The abused child MUST see consequences and accountability in order to begin the healing process. Remember, making a report to Child Protective Services is not making an accusation, it’s asking for an investigation to take place.

88% of all child sexual abuse cases are never reported because most sexual abusers are either members of the family, friends, respected members of the community, or in positions of power and authority.

People are very quick to call the police to report a theft of property but they are not so quick when innocence is stolen. Child sexual abuse steals children’s innocence.

SCARS asks you to do the right thing and report sexual abuse to the authorities!

Thank you for helping us save children!