As a community, we each have a role in protecting the innocence of our children

As a Parent or Guardian:

  • Sign up for a FREE virtual training session [click here]
  • Establish the context of your relationship with your child
    by reinforcing that your job as a parent is to love and protect them.
  • Download a copy of our SCARS Adult Empowerment Guide and
    share the information with the children & teens in your life.
  • Look for additional parenting aides on what you should teach
    your children about child sexual abuse. [click here]
  • Invite SCARS to make a virtual SAFE presentation. [click here]
    to the PTA at your child’s school.
  • Before enrolling your child in any activity, ask some
    questions. [click here]
  • If you suspect your child is being abused then ask questions. [click here]
  • Protect your child from sexual predators on the Internet. [click here]

As a Caretaker of Children

(Educators, Arts/Sports Coaches, Camp Counselors, Church/Youth Group Leaders):

  • Become trained and certified in the ‘Stewards of Children’ training program on how to recognize, prevent and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. [click here]
  • Implement and/or strengthen your child sexual abuse policies and procedures within your organization.
  • Send a strong message that “protecting children from sexual abuse” is one of your organization’s mandates.
  • If you suspect sexual abuse or have been informed about a sexual abuse situation, do the right thing and report it to Child & Family Services or the Police. [click here]

As a Politician:

  • Advocate for stronger policies and procedures for organizations entrusted with the care of children.
  • Advocate for the most effective child sex offender treatment available.
  • Learn the devastating long-term affects of child sexual abuse and advocate
    legislative change that best protects our children.  Nothing will change when those who hold power do nothing.

As an Attorney:

  • Sign up to attend a ‘Stewards of Children” training workshop.
  • Advocate for legislative change that best protects our children.
  • If you are representing someone accused of a sexual offense against a child, please be sensitive to the needs of vulnerable witnesses.

As a Policeman:

  • Become trained in the ‘Stewards of Children’ Training. [click here]
  • Advocate for legislative change that best protect our children.

As an Insurer:

  • Provide cost-effective health insurance covering phycological counseling to those affected and in need of professional help, as recovery is expensive.
  • If you insure youth-serving organizations, require sexual abuse prevention education for their staff and volunteers, and best practice code of conduct and policies as part of the insurance policy requirements.

As a Mental Health Care Provider:

  • Consider adding your organization to our list of recommended resources for healing. email

As a Journalist:

  • Learn as much as you can about child sexual abuse by attending one of our training workshops.
  • Be sensitive to the victims and act as the catalyst that helps free men and women from their secrets and shame.
  • Push for policies that will institute prevention and discuss how we can make sure it doesn’t happen again!

As a Good Corporate Citizen:

As a Corporation or a Foundation:

As a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse:

  • Reveal your secret
  • Seek psychological counseling, spiritual counseling, or some other form of therapy. [click here]
  • The transition from a victim to a survivor is a journey; don’t give up!
  • Share this guide with friends and family [click here]