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All of Him – by Tanya Pillay

‘An interactive biography of a jovial father with a dark past…a live, local talk show! This story provides an opportunity for audience members to consider and discuss topics often considered taboo in a supportive environment. Written and performed by Tanya Pillay’.

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An Honest Reflection – by Sarah-Jeiel (written by a 13 year old)

Today I saw a person with curves in all the wrong places,

With dark circles under the eyes from sleepless nights,

And loads of concealer to match,

Whose practiced smile is perfected from a long, long life,

But it still doesn’t quite reach the eyes,

She’s headstrong, gives really good advice but doesn’t take it,

Who holds on to lost causes hopelessly, sentimental reasons of course,

Who takes to heart mean snipes she knows she shouldn’t,

Even though it drags her down,

Sometimes burying herself in “what ifs” and “I should haves”,

Has too many skeletons and ghosts she’s too afraid to see or acknowledge,

Has neglected her little black manual somewhere, somewhere where it is gathering dust,

Who has watched people make the same mistakes she did, watch it helplessly then blame herself,

She’s not perfect and she knows it,

That’s why I never want to see that person again,

So I walk away and close my eyes,

I bounce into a table, an old book falls down,

It was a good book yet it was in a corner I didn’t look,

There are some words on a page in small neat black font,

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made”,

A light switches on somewhere in my head,

I go back and look again at the person I just scorned,

And I see someone, the same person,

But differently, just it little, but it is enough,

Someone who has lost many friends, some good, some bad,

Who should change the way she sees things about herself,

Who has scars but they are healing,

Who is blessed with many sunny days even if they’re hidden by a few clouds ,

Who has touched many lives even if she doesn’t know it ,

Eyes filled with hope for something better, something brighter,

Hands that have made many mistakes but learned the ropes,

A crumpled hundred dollar note that never, ever lost its value,

It’s true we’re never perfect and the diamond’s got its fractures,

But we’re still learning,

And you’ll never know unless you try,

So it is nice to meet you,

Hi me,

I hope that we can make working together a pleasure.